Home interior winter design trends for 2022

We’ve all been spending more time in our homes than ever over these last few years, and it’s led us all to better appreciate our personal spaces and the effect they have on our moods and day-to-day routines. Curating an environment that is warm, calm, comfortable and inviting is more than just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that you love. Winter design trends for 2022 reflect just that – sophistication not just for the sake of looks, but for comfort and utility, too.

Let’s take a look at some of the home interior trends we love for this season, inspired by nature and soft shapes and lines to help make your home feel grounded and calm – Zoom backgrounds included!

Trend we love #1 – Curves

Say hello to organic shapes. Curved lines and silhouettes, particularly on coffee tables, sofas and other items around living areas help to create a space that invites and comforts. Rooms feel less intimidating or obstructive to navigate when there are no harsh edges or corners, and so curves help to create a softer and more welcoming impression for any room.

We love seeing curves in unexpected places as well like bed headboards and rugs, creating a sense of fluidity in a room while also nodding to a more 70s-inspired style of design. For a real sense of luxury, we love sculptural decor that emphasises curved shapes as well as curved lines.

Our pick of the season? The Sebastian Lounge, which combines curves with ultra-soft boucle for a dreamy nook to cosy up in.

Trend we love #2 – Natural Stone


Marble has dominated as the stone of choice for years, with interior designers favouring its simple, classical appearance pairing seamlessly with modern minimalist design. Black, white and marble or wooden textures with marble have always been unbeatable combinations. Now, with 2022 we’re seeing an even heavier resurgence of natural stone with materials like terrazzo skyrocketing to popularity. The solid grounding qualities of natural stone bring with them a sense of strength and security, adding durability and impact to a space.

We love seeing natural stone used in bathrooms or as splashbacks in kitchens, but incorporating it into your home doesn’t have to rely on renovations. Natural stone makes for gorgeous tabletops and surfaces for units and cabinets, accenting a room without overtaking it.

Our natural stone pick of the season is the Milly Dining Table, a striking centrepiece to anchor the dining room for guests and families.

Trend we love #3 – Natural Colours


From cream to beige to taupe, all the way to deep chocolate brown and terracotta; natural colours are the new black when it comes to this winter’s design trends. Lighter tones have become popularised as great options for large pieces like couches, opening up a space, while deeper and warmer tones have been increasingly used to accent rooms to add a sense of luxury and opulence. 

Smooth caramel leather textures and grainy wood surfaces add a rustic touch to any space, recalling natural landscapes and elements within the home. Earthen tones work everywhere across the home, helping us to feel reconnected with the outdoors even when we’re stuck inside.

Our favourite natural colour pick of the moment is the Este Nougat Cushion Range, an easy and affordable way to switch up your space with warm natural hues.

Trend we love #4 – Texture


What better way to round out a list of nature-inspired design trends than with tactile textures? Adding life and sensory stimulation to a space, texture allows natural elements to flow throughout the home while enhancing comfort. 

From plush velvet to boucle, it’s all about bringing in soft, tactile pieces that complement existing hard surfaces like smooth woodgrain or stone tabletops. Looking for something a little more nature-inspired?

Our pick this season for texture is the Ulster White/Natural Rug, design with texture that brings warmth and cosiness to a space that brings a natural feel to the home.

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