Supporting Aussie

At Catalano Interiors, we’re all about supporting iconic Australian brands. Our ‘Made in Australia’ products showcase the best of local design and craftsmanship, and feature our quality fabrics and timber. When you buy from us, you’re supporting local and choosing quality.

Warwick is one of the world’s leading fabric and textile wholesalers providing premium quality materials to industry specialists since 1966.

From its humble beginnings as a boutique family-owned company, Warwick has grown to include showrooms in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has established an extensive international network to be at the forefront of design and distribution.

Warwick is continuing to meet the evolving needs of today’s competitive global markets by constantly updating collections and pushing boundaries. Today, Warwick’s extensive collections range from classic prints to fashion-forward and contemporary weaves.

Warwick is committed to fulfilling a promise of innovation, quality and service, now and into the future.

Garstone is a proud family owned Australian company committed to producing the finest quality leather lounges and sofas at a realistic price due to efficient production techniques.

Garstone Design Furniture is able to do this by:

  • Using craftsmen and women who use upholstery techniques which give the product a sumptuous look and feel, with an emphasis on quality and feature stitching
  • Constructing solid timber frames using local plantation grown timbers which are kiln dried for stability
  • The frames assembled by tradesman who nail, screw and glue the components
  • The addition of corner blocks and a lining board to outside arms and backs for stability
  • The No Sag Steel Spring System which is used for its greater travel capacity for seating comfort.
  • Using Dunlop Enduro seating foams in our designs for their unique 36/38 density.

The purchase of a Garstone Design lounge suite is an investment in quality. Garstone Design Furniture carefully chose the quality materials to ensure long product life.

Molmic’s designs, craftsmanship and care are founded on the purpose of what they make – furniture that assumes an integral place in people’s lives.

Not only must Molmic pieces serve a functional purpose, the business endeavours to give them a life of their own.

Molmic designs are conceived, produced and manufactured locally, working exclusively with the best timber and upholstery craftspeople in Australia.

For over 30 years Molmic have been inspired to design the very best in sofas and living furniture, and continuing to make products in their hometown of Melbourne, proudly committing to their Aussie heritage.

Based in Campbellfield, Victoria, AGEM Furniture are an Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of quality furniture products made locally in Australia.

As a producer of high quality modern designed furniture, AGEM are able to meet the needs of local and national retail outlets, supplying furniture in the designs and quality expected by Australian consumers.

With creative designs from the in-house and overseas design teams, master craftsmanship building furniture that lasts, and with modern machinery that produce furniture with precision, reliability and quality, AGEM Furniture are proudly Australian, providing products that Australians expect.

Passionate about design, textiles, and homes, the Weave brand produce products that are designed locally by in house designers across Australia and New Zealand.

With all products crafted with quality at their heart, attention to detail, and materials that are soft to touch and chosen to last, Weave works with artisans and designers to create a unique collection of detailed embroidered cushions, lush throws and timeless floor rugs — all of them designed with contemporary Australian living in mind.

All Weave products reflect what they love, and how they love to live — relaxed coastal living, contemporary urban life, and their favourite travel destinations.